Monday, July 11, 2011

Everybody's gotta be somewhere....

"Portals"--photograph, Aztec Ruins, NM

"Hecata Lighthouse"--photograph, Devil's Cove, Oregon 

My one trip to the northwest allowed for less than an hour in this beautiful cove.

"Open"- photograph, Truth or Consequences, NM

"Solar Gold Dust"--photograph, north out of Silver City, NM

"Trading Post"--photograph, Santa Fe, NM
To me, this trading post in Santa Fe was beautiful because of its aging sags and fading paint--and it was good to know what transpired there in the time it took for that to happen. My friend, Kim Messier, who knows a whole heap about the Southwest, filled me in: "Back in the 1860s this was Jake Gold's Old Curiosity Shop, which sold Indian relics and curios. Gold was one of the original Santa Fe Indian craft dealers. Then around the turn of the century it was taken over by JS Candelario and continues to be a fixture on San Francisco Street, though the quality of merchandise is strictly for tourists."

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  1. Hey Lane--these are right in my neck of the woods! I hope you have plans to return to photograph and paint more of this area. Truly lovely work!