Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Digital Fun

"Tomato a la Tim Burton" --digitized photograph

"The Waiting Day" --digitized photograph

"Cactus Farm" --digitized photograph

"Cotton Blossoms" --digitized photograph

"Cotton Bolls" --digitized photograph

Symbolic of so many of my childhood memories....

"Cris Williamson" --digitized photograph
Taken when Cris was last in Tucson for a concert.

"Hello, Dolly! --digitized photograph
From photograph at Phoenix concert.

"Kazoooom!" --digitized photograph

"Koi I"--digitized photograph

"Poppies I"--digitized photograph.

"Sanctuary Tree"--digitized photograph

I love tree bark! This tree lives in a raptor sanctuary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Night Blooming Cereus

"Night Bloom Cereus"--digitized photograph

It's that time in Tucson again--the Night Blooming Cereus is doing its thing: blooming once a year for just a few nights. Of course it doesn't look like this.

Red Rocks

"Red Rocks" -- acrylic on canvas, 16x20

Sedona memories.

Half Moon Bay

"Half Moon Bay"--acrylic on canvas, 16x20

Barroom (Detail)

"Barroom" (detail) of oil painting on canvas, 16x20




Irises from the Tucson Botanical Gardens

High Noon Ribbons

"High Noon Ribbons"--Tucson, AZ

Virginia Beach Backwater

"Virginia Beach Backwater"--photograph

A shot from the back side of the Virginia Beach Aquarium, in a waterway with a boardwalk.

Everybody's gotta be somewhere....

"Portals"--photograph, Aztec Ruins, NM

"Hecata Lighthouse"--photograph, Devil's Cove, Oregon 

My one trip to the northwest allowed for less than an hour in this beautiful cove.

"Open"- photograph, Truth or Consequences, NM

"Solar Gold Dust"--photograph, north out of Silver City, NM

"Trading Post"--photograph, Santa Fe, NM
To me, this trading post in Santa Fe was beautiful because of its aging sags and fading paint--and it was good to know what transpired there in the time it took for that to happen. My friend, Kim Messier, who knows a whole heap about the Southwest, filled me in: "Back in the 1860s this was Jake Gold's Old Curiosity Shop, which sold Indian relics and curios. Gold was one of the original Santa Fe Indian craft dealers. Then around the turn of the century it was taken over by JS Candelario and continues to be a fixture on San Francisco Street, though the quality of merchandise is strictly for tourists."



Cats are an important part of my life. I was catless when I bought this house and was determined to live in it alone for a year. Two weeks later Scooter and her brother Boxer came to live in it, too.  Scooter was my OCD kitty: every night before going to sleep, she HAD to lick the tips of every one of my fingers; if she missed one, she went back to it before finishing. Now, that's just weird. Two years ago, this beautiful cat died. Boxer is still with me, as is a newer adoptee, Tess. More about their strange story later.... 

So it begins....

"Marana Secrets" --digitized photograph

Okay. I've decided to take some things out of hiding that have been locked away for too long....